Ultimet is a Cobalt alloy and is widely used in factories and industries. Haynes International, Inc produces this “high performance alloy”.

Ultimet Composition

It is a metal alloy that consists of various alloying elements. The elements are used in the following proportions to produce this alloy:

  • Cobalt (as balance) – 54%
  • Chromium- 26%
  • Nickel- 9%
  • Molybdenum- 5%
  • Iron- 3%
  • Tungsten- 2%
  • Manganese- 0.8%
  • Silicon-0.3%
  • Nitrogen- 0.08%
  • Carbon-0.06%

Ultimet Properties

Following are some of the physical properties of this metal alloy:

  • The density of this metal alloy is 8.47 g/cm3.
  • It melts in a temperature somewhere between 2430-2470 °F.

Ultimet Picture

Ultimet Applications

This alloy is widely used for various industrial purposes. Following are some of the uses of Ultimet:

  • This alloy has high corrosion resistance abilities. In fact its resisting abilities are comparable to that of the Hastelloy alloys. Hastelloy is the trademark name for 22 highly corrosion resistant alloys, all of which are produced by the Haynes International, Inc.
  • Ultimet is also a very efficient wear and gall resistant material.
  • The electrogalvanising rolls of this alloy are successfully used in the production of galvanized steel. This steel is used for automobiles In Europe and the Far East.
  • It is also commonly used in agitators, blenders, dies, fan blades, nozzles, glass plungers, valve parts and screw conveyors.

Ultimet MSDS

This material can be harmful for humans in the cases mentioned bellow:


If a person inhales the fume or dust of this alloy while welding, he may experience reduced lung function, nasal irritation, breathing difficulty etc. The victim should immediately seek medical advice. Artificial respiration must be given to the victim in case breathing has stopped.


If the metal is ingested by accident, the victim should take medical assistance. Sometimes it is advisable to drink 1-2 glasses of water and dilute the material.


Direct eye contact with this material may cause eye irritation. The affected eye should be immediately washed with plenty of clean water. It is not advisable to rub or keep the eyes closed. Medical advice should be taken if the irritation continues.


Ultimet dust or fume may cause skin irritation. But the affected skin can be treated by regular first aid. The affected area should be washed properly with soap. The victim should seek medical assistance in case the irritation continues or blisters appear.

Ultimet is a highly useful Haynes International, Inc produced material. It is the answer for various welding, corrosion and other industrial needs.





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modified date is December 16th, 2011

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